BorgWarner – Wahler

Wahler spare parts are currently available in 62 marks of automobiles and commercial vehicles. Although most automobile producers as original equipment uses Wahler original parts, their TecDoc base and spare parts catalogue is a true time saver when searching for a specific vehicle part. In addition to the possibility of online purchase, Wahler continues to issue separate catalogues for thermostats and thermoswitches for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

It is needless to say that every spare part comes with an appropriate gasket or seal.

Wahler thermostats ensure that the engine achieves it operational temperature as quickly as possible after which it secures the maintaining of this temperature. This process is necessary for the cost saving engine performance as well as or minimal wear and tear. During the years Wahler thermostats are constantly being upgraded while their basic principle remains the same.

U Wagen International you can find: thermostats, themoswitches and EGR valves.