From the year 1952 the company VERNET is a producer of thermostats based on wax technology used in the automobile and truck industry as well as in sanitary and heating industry markets. The company VERNET has proven to be the global leader in thermoregulation.

VERNET offers a wide range of innovative products the technology of which is compliant with client needs and expectations  – they are compact, precise and have competitive prices and contribute to the: energy consumption reduction, protection from defrizzing or creating of microorganismal within the system, reduction of cleaning and ignition optimization.

VERNET has for years been implementing the policy of excellent quality in combination with upgrading of products and environment protection, following a number of international standards as well as standards pertaining to the safety of their employees. The company is progressively developing a wide distribution network from branches, trade offices to companies which it is simultaneously developing with other international companies. The business activity of the company is focused on the intensive development of this network and synergies among certain individuals in order to achieve world leading positions.

In WINT you can find: transductors,  switches, sensors, thermostats, etc.