TRW Aftermarket is the leader in the production of OE automotive parts. Their brake, steering and suspension systems, as well as repair parts are wide known for their quality and innovative design.

TRW is characterized by 100 years of experience in delivery of original equipment to biggest automobile producers as well as the aftermarket. They offer specially chosen automotive parts with amazing mobility.

Disks and Pads

With over 1000 articles and full coverage of European vehicle park, you can use TRW disks and pad as your major supplier.

Drums and Car Batteries

TRW manufactures their products in a manner which places safety in first by offering incomparable quality. It achieves this through production, design and materials, the choice of which they are fully dedicated to. Due to this they are able to offer even a three-year long guarantee.

In addition to disks, pads, drums and car batteries you can also find in the WINT offer cylinders, hoses, chassis, etc.