With over 135 years of experience in the field of brake lining TEXTAR is one of the biggest producers of brake lining for passenger cars and transport vehicles in the world, and enjoys the trust of the highly sold marks in the automotive and industrial sector who appreciate their efficient, reliable and safe brake solutions.

More than 1.600 brake disk lining, over 1.650 brake disks, 425 brake shoes and 300 sets as well as 200 brake drums prove that Textar offers one of the largest ranges of products for modern automobiles.  Textar stands without compromise behind quality, long life of products and brake comfort. Epad brake lining ensures optimum driving comfort and sparkling clean rims due to its special material mix. Textar’s brake discs also reflect the quality standards of a market leader. Superior casting and complete surface coating, ensure high performance, optimum safety and a long service life.