PETRONAS has in its offer a wide range of lubricants – each specially designed to meet the specific needs of different vehicles and machines in order to secure optimal performance. 
The brand FL was created in the year 1910. In 2000 PETRONAS left the Fiat Group and change their its name to FL Selenia. That same year Selenia acquired Viscosity Oil, an American company, owner of very important additive for transmission oils. In 2008 Petronas acquired this brand name which it is still using today.

Selenia oils for passenger cars are made of base materials of premium quality and additives of superior characteristics. Developed with technology used to power the world's most extreme motor racing machines, PETRONAS motor oils provide the best performance of vehicles and the only rational solution for modern vehicles. Whether you will buy them for protection, reduced exhaust emission or length of trip, you can count on the fulfilment of all your requirements without the adverse effect on the performance of your vehicle.