After over 100 years of existence today Osram presents one of the two leading world names in lighting. With a 43% share in the total turnover of LED lights of the world market, it is one of the top producers of automobile lamps and LED optics. Its production portfolio includes a wide range of components from light sources through control assemblies to optical semiconductor such as LED diodes. We must not forget lighting management control systems and intelligent solutions with modern approach to electrical lighting.

Be it in your home at work or public place, be it business, education or pleasure, modern urban interiors and exteriors are decidedly linked with lighting. The best results in sales within the company OSRAMA are achieved by the division which covers the afore described market segments, but excellent results are also recorded by the department responsible for the sales and development of automobile light bulbs.  OSRAM is the number one in the world among suppliers of automobile bulbs, regardless whether classic or LED bulbs are in question. The business with semiconductor is rapidly increasing and its strategic importance is ever growing.

The OSRAM brand registered in the year 1906 is one of the oldest and most popular trademarks all over the world. An important date in the history of Osram is also July 1st, 1919 the year when AEG, Siemens & Halske AG and Deutsche Gasglühlicht AG united their production of light bulbs. Today Siemens AG is a minority owner of Osram.