Metelli was founded in 1962 as a mechanic workshop.

In 1970 the company started with the production of engine parts and 1975 started with the production of hydraulic brakes and clutch components. The production program was expanded in 1991 by installing of production line for manufacturing of joints and later in 1999 they also introduced the production of driveshafts.

In the meantime, Metelli Co. merged with CIFAM ad in 1996, a company which was founded in 1979 to produce brakes and hydraulic clutch components. In July 2001 Metelli Co aquired 100% of GRAF Co, a well-known producer of water pumps and brake disks for the automotive industry.

In order to complete the range of brake parts Metelli introduced brakes in 2008 and brake pads in 2010.

Metelli Co exports its products to over 90 countries all over the world and covers all the continents: Europe, Afrika, Asia, America and Oceania.

This makes the company versatile and able to satisfy the needs of different markets at the same time reflecting the image of integrity and reliability. The company has a very large customer base: from independent aftermarket (I.A.M.), to original equipment service (OES), and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).