ZF Services

ZF is the world leader in the driveline technology, as well as in the production of safety components and chassis technology. The ZF Division of the company, responsible for safety, acquired a new member TRW in the year 2015. Currently it is employing around 135.000 people, distributed in 230 location in 40 counties. ZF annually invests 5% of sales into Research and Development, which amounts to around 1,4 billion and which enables the company to maintain successful business operations.


The Lemforder brand offers production precision of components for all passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  Lemförder suspension components are reliable and of exceptional quality which is why Lemförder is able to realize a successful cooperation with leading automobile producers, as well as a significant sales increase compared to its competition.

Lemförder has in its offer over 13.000 products of which you can find in WINT- suspension and transmission components as well as product categories.