KYB Europe GmbH is a branch of the KYB Corporation, a global company with headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. KYB is one of the biggest global suppliers of shock absorbers for vehicle producers. With its 15 plants in Asia, Europe and the USA, KYB has the capacity to produce over 75 million shock absorbers per year. It is extremely flexible and can change production in 15 seconds

KYB Europe GmbH offers world class products in view of quality and services to customers on the markets of Europe, Near East and Africa. One of the biggest global suppliers of vehicle producers, original equipment supplier to 1 out of 4 automobiles leaving the production line worldwide. KYB is the largest OE supplier in Europe.

KYB aftermarket shock absorbers are manufactured in the same plants implementing the same technology as used in OE products. Valves are produced so that they can be installed in vehicles with worn out suspension parts, in order for the vehicle to be returned as closely as possible to the state in which it was when new. This means that the KYB brand are the same and in most cases event better than OE products.

KYB provides the best quality product to all its clients in different industries worldwide. Their slogan emphasis this fact OUR PRESISSION, YOUR ADVANTAGE. KYB does not make compromises when quality is in question. All KYB plants possess ISO9001, QS9000 and ISO14001 certification.