A Polish company which has delivered hundreds of millions of products to 60 countries worldwide. This was unthinkable 20 years ago.

In the year 1991 the company started on its adventure with auto cosmetics and automotive chemical industry.  From the very beginning they were led by enthusiasm and passion and created one of the most important brands in automotive chemicals and cosmetics segment. The brand K2 is praised in Poland as well as worldwide. Each product is a result of their love for what they do.

Experience has taught them that good products are created only when one gets to know what the real needs of users, mechanics, auto enthusiasts or ordinary drivers are. New products are tested in workshops in Poland as well as abroad. With such experience, in the year 2005 the company significantly increased the number of products in its offer and widened it range by adding sub-brands K2 PRO – Professional car wash cleaning products, K2 Turbo – cooling fluids and brake fluids, fuel and oil additives,  K2 BOND – Glues, silicones, products for emergency repair.

In the aim of consistently providing high quality products in the year 2006 they have obtained the ISO 9001: 2001 certificate. In view of the company’s dedication to environment protection in the end of 2008 it obtained another quality standard certificate ISO 14001: 2004 which controls safety and influence of product on environment.

The year 2008 was very important to the company K2 and in this year the sub-brand K2 Vinci was created with a wide range of fragrances and automobile care products. Very quickly K2 was named a perfect product.

 In 2011 the company widened the range of its products with sub-brand K2 GOLD which offers uncompromising, innovative automobile care products. K2 realizes the importance of the fact that the wide range of K2 products satisfy the needs of their customers. Thanks to this the brand K2 is today one of the most popular producers of automotive chemicals and cosmetics in Poland.


U 2011. godini proširili su asortiman proizvoda sa pod-brendom K2 GOLD koji nudi beskompromisne, inovativne proizvode za negu automobila. Shvataju koliko je važno da širok asortiman K2 najbolje odgovara potrebama svojih kupaca. Zahvaljujući tome, brend K2 je danas jedan od najpopularnijih automobilskih hemikalija i kozmetike u Poljskoj.