A bus driver Martin Pedersen had during the ’60 fully dedicated all his spare time to his fascinating hobby which developed the bases of the production of automobile parts.

That is how the company was established in 1976. Insistence on “values” during all its processes presents the pillar of JP Group business. Value increase can only be achieved if the parameters such as delivery capacity, quality, and flexibility are in constant correlation with the price. This business policy differentiates the JP Group from its competitors.  The company guarantees 95% of their deliveries based on “efficient warehouse”, compliant with ISO 9001 norms. The decades long story of achieved technical improvement and upgrading does not stop here but is further developed through activities worldwide. The JP Group product portfolio includes over 10 000 types of articles warehoused in the area of 17000 m2. Only for German vehicles the company offers 21 000 different articles, which in itself says enough about the wide range of assortment and company orientation focused on satisfying all the customer needs.

Its portfolio includes the following brands: Brax (brake system), Clutex (clutches), Electrix (electrical components), Filtrex (filters), Jopex (exhaust system), Mechanex (mechanical spare parts), Roulex (bearings), Rubbex (rubber parts), Shockex (shock absorbers), Sterex (control systems) and Thermex (cooling products).