GKN -Driveline - is the leading world producer of  homo-kinetic joints, axel shafts, axels, driveline systems and  eDrive systems. As a partner on the aftermarket it cooperates with   18.000 people on 40 locations in 20 countries. The company itself employs 38.000 people in 30 countries. GKN basis its business on technology and production of highly modified parts for almost all producers of vehicles and agricultural machinery, aircrafts and aircraft engines. The GKN Group has more than 500 registered partners. Sales realized by the company until December 31st, 2010 amounted to EUR  4,5 billion.

WHY GKN? – 63 million automobiles are produced in the world annually– for each automobile in every country – the challenge is the same! Efficient, economical, reliable manner of transmission of motor power to the wheel.

This is the task for teams of engineers to solve maintaining high quality standards. Research centers of GKN Group are working in Asia, Europe and South America. On September 13th, 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany - GKN Driveline Group received the Porsche Supplier Award as a sign of recognition of their significant contribution to the global Porsche product portfolio. The award corroborates the dedication of GKN employees and their dedication to providing their users with world class auto drive systems and solutions. In newly produced automobiles, launched in Frankfurt at the International Automobile Exhibition IAA, GKN Driveline technology products  were installed in over 60 percent of new automobiles from model Audi A8 all the way to hybrid New Fiat Panda!