As a producer of a wide assortment of products Zeller+Gmelin has for a number of decades been offering complete solutions in one place – from research, through development all the way to production. With over 900 employees and annual turnover of over EUR 270 million, Zeller+Gmelin is with its brand DIVINOL one of the biggest producer of lubricants. All high performance lubricants are produced in the location of South Germany, under the formula „Made in Germany“.

During many decades Zeller+Gmelin has, with its brand DIVINOL, developed into a global company currently with 16 subsidiaries and a large number of trade partners worldwide. In the year 1908 Mercedes-Benz won the first endurance car race in France with the motor oil „DIVINOL Speedy “produced by Zeller+Gmelin. Numerous German and global companies, such as for example Bosch, today benefit from the profound innovatively of the company  Zeller+Gmelin.

The brand DIVINOL is the symbol of exceptional dedication to its customers and extraordinary understanding of use and processes. The brand DIVINOL offers to its customers over 400 types of lubricants for the automotive, construction, forestry and gardening sector.

The company Wagen and lubricant brand DIVINOL are a perfect match. They both have as its aim to together with our customers, celebrate the upcoming jubilee of the brand DIVINOL closely working together as partners.