DENSO cooperation with headquarters in Japan is the leading supplier of cutting-edge automobile technology, systems and parts for global automobile producers. It is conducting its business in over 220 branches located in 38 countries and employs around 151,000 people.

Denso does not focus just on quality and innovations of its products but also focuses on environment protection and social responsibility. Product development is defined by mantra: less, easier and more efficient. It is also dedicated to make the world a better place for living through minimalization of influence of automobiles on environment, and maximization of driving safety.

DENSO products and systems are an integrated part of almost every model and mark of automobiles Europe wide. And if you see a car on the road there is a huge chance that their product is incorporated somewhere in it.

In Wint you can find the following Denso products: heaters, coolers, compressors, compensators, ventilators, dryers, Lambda probes, wiper blades, etc.