The company Beru characterize a hundred-year long experience and constant strive for innovations. The complete coverage that this company has in the segment of auto electrics strengthens its position of technological leader.

The company Beru has for almost 100 years been guided by technological experience and desire for innovations and is now an acknowledged partner in the automobile industry when it comes to petrol engine ignition and cold start for diesel engine. The product assortment of Beru contains over 4500 articles.

Beru Group is one of the leading producers of diesel engine system (cold start) with a significant share of 40% of the global heating rod market. Beru shows an innovation strength in the segment of electronics with the TSS monitoring system (tire pressure monitoring system). In the field of diesel technology (cold start) Beru has achieved high standards with the Instant Start System (ISS) and excellent sensors and excellent Pressure Sensor Glow Plugs (PSG). As regarding ignition technology for petrol engines  Beru is one of the largest producers in Europe. Almost all well-known producers of automobiles, commercial vehicles and motorcycles equip their vehicles with original Beru products which fulfil high quality criteria.

AUTO ELECTRICS: spark plugs, heating rods, contact breaker points, distributor caps, ignition coils, electronics, cable sets, lambda probes, lights.