Fake Sparks Plugs of Not?


Have you ever bought a product of a famous brand only to later realize that it was fake? Unfortunately, as is the case with many premium products, this can also happen with NGK SPARK PLUG parts. In fact, the Company's Technical Service Centre has recently become aware that the fake CR9EIX spark plugs have caused motor damage due to melted electrodes.

NGK SPARK PLUG Company thus wants to warn its customers and has therefore drawn up a quick 5 steps guide on how to distinguish between original and fake products.

A study published by the European Union's Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) shows that the losses that the European economy incurs from counterfeit products annually amount to up to 60 billion - equivalent to 7.5 percent of total European sales. Not to mention the individual harm inflicted to every cheated customer.

But is it really so important that the spark plugs are genuine? Yes, it is. The NGK SPARK PLUG Technical Service team has recently of cases where customers bought CR9EIX plugs via the Internet and were delivered fakes. "These spark plugs melted and caused damage to customer’s motors, which is annoying, costly and can be avoided," said Kai Wilschrei, Chief Technical Officer aftermarket EMEA at NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE.

What is the Difference Between the Original and Fake Spark Plug?

"The original CR9EIX spark plugs have a central lead with an iridium tip. This material has a very high melting point and is extremely hard and long-lasting", explained Kai. "Fake spark plugs do not contain iridium on the center electrode. They have an standard nickel electrode tapered down with  lathe giving the same optical impression as the iridium tip, "he went on to say. "This fake part is very weak and does not tolerate heat. Because of this soft part, the central electrode melts and can cause engine damage. "

What to do when you are not sure?

Here is some expert advice from NGK SPARK PLUG technical team: "If you're not sure if your part is an original, follow our 5-step guide. Look at the pictures below and thoroughly compare each one with the suspect product. "

1. Brand Mark

Look at the product name on the spark plug. If the type of font is different from the one shown on the left side and if the font is smudged in some way, it is probably a fake.

2. Caulking

Look closer at the crimping portion of the spark plug. If there are traces of machine cut mark on it, be alert because it is indicative of a counterfeit spark plug.

og prikazanog na levoj strani i ako je font nekako mutan, verovatno se radi o falsifikatu.

3. Hexagonal Part
Next, check the hexagonal part. If it does not contain a lot number and/or a different type of font is used instead of the one on the left image below, it is not an original product.

4. C-Groove Portion

Then look at the C-Groove portion of the spark plug. If there are traces of machine cut on the surface of the metal shell, this is a sign that it is a fake spark plug

5. Electrodes

Finally, look at the shape of the electrodes. If it's different from the one on the left picture, be careful.

What to do if you find out that this is a counterfeit spark plug?

"NGK SPARK PLUG recommends that you always purchase products from a dealer or supplier you trust. If you have already bought a counterfeit product, undertake legal action", said this expert in conclusion.

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Source: NGKNTK